Soutenir la transition de Tixie

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Hello, I am Tixie, a French trans woman who needs you to help financing her SRS operation.

I wasn't in a precarious situation so far so I was able to finance all the costs associated with my transition: medical appointments, hormones, surgery, travel and everything that was around. But today my situation does not allow me to put much money aside.

The operation in question being a heavy thing and one that will follow me for the rest of my life, I didn't think about it lightly. So I took the necessary time to get in touch with a surgeon who I know does quality work, during the operation but also in terms of post-operation follow-up, which is very important. In addition, he offers the possibility of performing the operation very quickly: at the end of next year at the latest instead of generally 3-4 years. This has a cost since 6000€ is the price at which the excess fees go up as well as hospitalization in a clinic.

Why not wait?

It will probably be very difficult for people not concerned to understand, so the best I can ask you is to believe me. Waiting 3-4 years will be more years where my mental health will not be able to improve, where all my intimate relationships will be complicated, where I will not be able to go back to a swimming pool and resume my love for scuba diving, where I can't get on a plane without being pulled over for a body search. It's not a convenience operation, it is an operation to have the right to live in a fulfilling way.

What will the money be used for

The money raised will only be used to pay for the medical costs associated with the operation. I am able to finance the rest, whether it is travel, consultations before the operation, accommodation during the month of postoperative follow-up and rehabilitation equipment.

Help otherwise

I am well aware, especially in these troubled times, that it's difficult financially for a lot of people. But you can also help me by sharing the fundraiser around you. The more it is shared, the more potentially people will be able to help me.

Thanks in advance!

Update of October 22, 2021: Following an appointment with the surgeon I learned the surgery price had increased. The goal of the fund has therefore increased from 6000€ to 7000€.